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Renwick Research provides psychologcial support to help improve performance in sport, business, academia and life. Founder Stephen Renwick has worked with some of the best athletes, companies and business people in the world.

Do you ever choke under pressure? Are you lacking in motivation? Is your anxiety impacting on your performance? Lacking in confidence? Coming back from injury? Do you need to improve your focus? Need help with goals? I see clients in Stockport, (Greater Manchester).

Stephen is a former tennis professional who now works in sport and exercise psychology. After studying for his MSc Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology, BSc (Hons) Psychology and training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Stephen now uses his psychological skills and knowledge to help others reach their full potential. Stephen has written four books and has coached many highly successful individuals, business and sports professionals to improve their performance. Stephen is currently working within boxing, football, tennis, cycling and darts.

Stephen studied for his MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology at Staffordshire University and his BSc (Hons) Psychology at the Open University. Stephen is a probationary sport and exercise scientist (specialising in psychology). Stephen aims to help athletes, business people and individuals reach their full potential in life. Stephen is currently accepting new clients who would like to develop themselves or become better athletes. 

As a probationary sport and exercise scientist (specialising in psychology), Stephen can help you to improve your mental skills and performance. Stephen has experience with athletes from multiple diciplines including tennis (expert), football, boxing, darts and golf. If you feel that sports psychology would help you take your sport to the next level, please get in touch.

Enjoy this short course on sports psychology and anxiety.

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